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Why “The QBW?”

Well it may be obvious and then it may not. I came up with the name for this blog because every QuickBooks working file ends with the file extension “.QBW”. I thought it was pretty clever and was actually a bit surprised that it wasn’t already taken. The purpose of this blog is to have one place to provide an exchange of information about QuickBooks. I will post articles with helpful information on how to do things in QuickBooks and I will answer your questions. I may also use your questions as the basis for a web cast or even a full length QuickBooks class that I will make available for download in the Learning Center on our Main Site. I also will post information here about upcoming QuickBooks webinars. These are live online seminars that you can register for and get live help with me. I will have content prepared and I will also allow time for Questions and answers. I also may call an open forum where the entire session will be based on your questions, which you can either submit here or ask during the live webinar.

Please feel free to offer your suggestions for what you might like to see more of here. You’ll be helping me out and in turn I will be very happy to help you by doing everything I can to provide you with the answers you are looking for.


Thanks for visiting “The QBW”

Seth David