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QuickBooks For Personal Finances

July 15, 2009 Leave a comment

This is the topic of today’s web cast.

QuickBooks is great software for businesses and because it is great for businesses, it is also great for personal finances. Quicken is great, but I find that QuickBooks just does more and it does it more easily. Also when it comes to managing personal finances, it is really not any different than business finances in the most generic terms. That is to say that in both cases we are looking at income vs. expenses as well as debt and cash flow management. There are some things a business has that personal finances don’t, Great, we’ll leave those out. There isn’t anything I can think of on a personal set of books that wouldn’t exist in some form at least potentially on a business. Maybe medical expenses, but some businesses do pay medical expenses and even if they don’t they pay Health insurance. So at this level the concept is the same – they’re expenses, there are just different kinds and accordingly, different ways of categorizing them.

Watch the Web Cast Here: