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Customizing Your Invoice


This week’s Web cast is on QuickBooks and how to customize your invoice template in QuickBooks. There are many options available (especially in the PC version) as far as customizing your invoice goes. In this web cast we demonstrate how you can download a template and change things to make it your own. You can also design from a blank and use the templates online to get ideas about how to do it. The key to this is balancing it out between having a gorgeous invoice template in QuickBooks and making sure that the end user of your document can get the information they need very Quickly. The key components are Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, and Invoice Due Date. If the person on the other end (very likely an Accounts Payable Clerk) cannot find this information quickly they will likely put it to the side and enter all of the other invoices first. I know this because I used to do that when I had a large pile of invoices to enter. They key to staying at the top of the pile and getting your invoice entered is making sure the information is readily available, easy to find, and easy to read.

Watch the Web Cast Here: QuickBooks – Customizing Your Invoice Template