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Editing Your Forms and Printing Batches

December 8, 2009 2 comments

This question just came in via E-mail:

Good Morning Seth,

When I email customers a statement an automatic greeting appears, how do I edit this?  We use QB Pro 2010.

Also while I’m asking… you know if there is a way for me to be able to print checks w/o seeing their check register?  I am able to print one at a time but not print a “batch”. 

Here’s my answer:

You can edit forms as follows:

  • Click
    • Edit
    • Preferences
    • Send Forms (in the left margin with all of the topics, near the bottom)
    • Go to the Company Preferences Tab
      • Choose the drop-down for which “Form” you want to change the text for (one of the choices is “Statements”)

To print a batch of checks you first have to save them all with the box checked that says “To be Printed” or choose that option in the bill pay screen. Then in the “Write Checks” dialogue you click the drop down arrow immediately next to “Print” and there is an option to “Print Batch”. QuickBooks will prompt you for the first check number and increment all other checks from there.

Also while we are at it there is another option in there that is handy. Also in the ‘Preferences’ section under ‘Checking / Company Preferences’ There is an option you can check off (it is NOT checked off by default) that says “Change check date when check is printed”. This is handy when you might have added checks to the batch several days ago and you are first printing them today. QuickBooks will update the check date to today’s date when you print them.


Today’s Question: Saving QuickBooks for PC to QuickBooks For MAC

June 12, 2009 Leave a comment


Hi Seth 🙂

Since you are my go-to Qbooks guru, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind answering a personal question for me? 🙂  My freelance client wants to get his Qbooks file to his CPA who is out of state.  I tried to use YouSendIt, which would’ve worked fine except I realized the CPA is on a Mac and my client is on a PC.  Do you know of any way to make a Mac formatted Qbooks file compatible with a PC?  Is this even possible?

A CPA with a MAC. This is a first for me! I suppose we can expect to see more and more of this as time goes on. I’ve learned I need to know how to work with both. My Main IT guy here, Ed knows both MAC & PC platforms very well.

Here’s your answer:

You can save a copy for QB For MAC, and you can also copy back from MAC to PC (Round Trip). You can also start with a copy for MAC and convert round trip that way as well. There are a few limitations which won’t affect you for this purpose, but you should be aware of since you are servicing clients, more and more of whom will be using QB for MAC. The MAC version does not have all of the features that the PC version has in terms of customizing forms such as invoice templates. You will lose some of this in translation going from PC to MAC. Going from MAC to PC you can use the custom templates & features, but any invoices that were created on the MAC will need to be opened, the template chosen in the drop down and then the invoice needs to be saved again.

Click on ‘File’ – ‘Utilities’ – ‘Copy Company File For QuickBooks MAC’

Here is a screenshot:

Figure 1 – Convert QuickBooks from PC to MAC

Then you will be prompted of course for a location to save the file. Then send that QuickBooks Backup File via yousendit.

QuickBooks Tips & Tricks

June 4, 2009 2 comments

We have a new QuickBooks class in our learning center – QuickBooks Tips & Tricks.

This is a GREAT download whether you are new to QuickBooks or a veteran!

Today’s Question

The Question:

Hello Seth,

Need your advice –

we are sending out samples to our clients – most of the time free of charge or we bill a flat fee.
when entering these ‘sales’ in QuickBooks – what would be the best practice?

Our vendors in turn send us samples sometimes free of charge or bill us – whenever sample invoices come in we enter them in an cog account that is called ” samples” and “sample freight cost” –

I have temporarily setup a “sample income ‘ account that books to ‘sales’ would that be correct?


Here is the answer:

I would actually post an invoice or a sales receipt for the samples you send out (this way your inventory quantities are properly reduced), but enter a selling price of ‘0’ so there will be nothing due. In other words, when you send out samples, you are essentially selling them for ‘0’.

On other side, when you receive samples, you want to enter it the same way as you would for products you have to pay for (so that inventory Quantities are properly increased) but you will be entering them with a cost of ‘0’ and the items will carry whatever selling price they are set up for. If you have to create the item then of course you will set up the appropriate selling price.

If/when you do pay for samples, then yes I would book directly to cost of goods sold.

If/when you charge for samples (assuming they are not counted in inventory), then yes you can set up an item called “Samples” as a non-inventory part and then map it to the income account called samples. If they are counted in inventory then you invoice them as you would on any sale of products.

Welcome to the new QuickBooks Blog from Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

May 30, 2009 1 comment

Got QuickBooks questions? This is the place to ask them.

I plan on posting lots of articles about QuickBooks, how to use it better, and how to use it to make your business more profitable

Of course there will also be plenty of links to video tutorials as well and as always when you are ready for a full length tutorial, simply visit our learning center and download our classes there.