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Brand new QuickBooks forum!

Hi Everyone! I have great news! We now have a QuickBooks discussion forum which is rich in features so PLEASE direct all QuickBooks questions there, by going to this URL:

We already have a questions topic – you DO need to register, but HEY I’d love to get to know who you are anyway so please visit the forum now and post a question / comment or go to the general discussion for things that are not directly related to QuickBooks.

Also we will be slowly migrating selected content (we’ll pick the best stuff and get it better organized) from here to a new blog location so stay tuned and check back often.  The URL will be forwarded to the new location once it is ready.


Staying in Touch with your Customers and prospects in QuickBooks

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment
  • QuickBooks 2010 has an e-mail marketing feature that is worth looking into
    • This one is very cool, actually – it will track information from QuickBooks about your customers and then let you e-mail customers based on various criteria
    • Send a “We miss you” e-mail to customers who haven’t spent any money with you in a while.
    • Send a thank you to customers who have been spending a lot of money with you.
    • Send a welcome e-mail to new customers
  • Or your can do it manually
    • Customer Center show columns and customize
    • Reports – customer lists
    • Customize
    • Export
  • There are also programs like Constant Contact
    • Export your customers from QuickBooks
    • Import to Constant contact and create a list of “Customers”
  • Best Practices when it comes to e-mailing customers and prospects
    • The rules – opt-out, complete contact info in all correspondence
    • Unofficial rules – how not to annoy people
    • In each e-mail you send you want to offer something that will make the reader want to get your e-mails. So using the QuickBooks E-mail Marketing feature in QuickBooks 2010 you can send a welcome e-mail to new customers and offer them something for free as an incentive to come back and spend more money with you. The top spending customers identified by the QuickBooks E-mail marketing feature might be an area where you simply offer them something for free, no purchase required as a thank you. This will of course encourage them to want to continue being a top spender at your business.

Please enjoy the video web cast by clicking the image here:

Accountants Changes Pending

November 28, 2009 2 comments

The QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy is being used more and more often now, especially since Inuit has made substantial improvements to how it functions, and they’ve even enabled you to send it through a free service provided by intuit. In this tutorial we will show you the basics, and then if you are interested, we offer the complete accountant’s copy video tutorial solution in our learning center. In the full version we show you the complete cycle involved in sending the accountant’s copy and round trip conversions until the accountant ultimately sends the changes back and you import them.

The quick and simple screenshot based tutorial is here. After you’ve reviewed this blog post be sure and click to watch the FREE INTERACTIVE VIDEO TUTORIAL on this. We’ll take you through the steps and then invite you to learn by doing. You participate directly clicking where we’ve shown you to review what you’ve just learned. This is our newest format for video software tutorials and I think you will agree that it really does the job in terms of teaching you the material in a way that you will remember what you’ve just learned. Try the free version and see for yourself.

When you create an accountant’s copy you set a dividing date on your books. Essentially you are able to enter things subsequent to that date, and your accountant will be able to work with their “Accountant’s” copy entering and changing things prior to that date. Until the accountant’s copy is restored to your copy (i.e. the accountant’s changes are imported) your copy will show a message in the top bar that says “Accountant’s Changes Pending.”

If you want to go directly to the video tutorial (much more fun J) click this link:


Or go directly to purchase the FULL VERSIONThe place where you want to go whenever you are doing anything having to do with a ‘File’ in QuickBooks is of course the “File” Menu:

Note – you can also click ‘Accountant’s Copy’ and there you will see an option to ‘save file’. We review this way of doing it in the Video Tutorial.

Going about it this way you will next be presented with options for the type of backup you want to make.

Select Accountant’s Copy and then choose next.

Then you will be asked to confirm that the Accountant’s Copy is the most appropriate for your situation.

Choosing your dividing date

This is the critical part of creating the accountant’s copy. The dividing date is what will determine what you can change and what your accountant will be able to change once you send them the accountant’s copy. There are some default settings in the drop-down that you will see next, but in all likelihood you will simply want to use the custom option and enter the date manually.

Next you will browse to save the accountant’s transfer file “.QBX”. This of course is the file you are going to need to send to your accountant, so be sure and save it in a location where it will be easy to find.

One the file has been created you will get the following message:

This is when you will see the infamous message, which has raised so many questions. All kidding aside, QuickBooks lets you know when there is an accountant’s copy waiting to be returned (ie changes imported). There are only two ways to remove the ‘accountants changes pending’. One is of course to import the accountant’s changes. But what if you should decide you do not want to import the changes, or for that matter if you have no idea why the message is there?! Is there no way to remove this message and the related restriction from entering data prior to the dividing date?

Of course there is a way to remove this. Once you do there is no reversing it, so you have to be sure that you want to do this before you go through with it.

You will still be asked to confirm that you want to do this.

After you confirm you will see that the notice is gone from the QuickBooks Title Bar:

BONUS TIP – This is not covered in the video

I have had this situation happen. Let’s say you send your accountant and accountant’s copy and somehow your QuickBooks file crashes? Not to worry, the accountant’s copy can be converted to a full fledged company file “.QBW”. Of course this copy will have any changes the accountant has made, but it will of course not contain any changes you’ve made since sending the file to the accountant. Nevertheless in one case I was able to save a client from losing a ton of data by doing this in one case. Then I sent him the converted full company file and he sent me back a new accountant’s copy.

Please enjoy the free interactive video tutorial. This is the newest format for software training that we are now offering here and in our learning center.


This Blog sponsored by our Learning Center

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

The reason we are able to bring you this is our Learning Center. Visit The Learning Center NOW to download full length tutorials from 1 – 3 hours. Just add a class to your cart, make your payment and our website shoots you an e-mail with a link to download what you need to watch your video class.

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QuickBooks 2010 What’s New?

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

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In this class we go over the following the new features and we show you how to set up and use them:

  • The Company Snapshot – new features and function and why this is useful.
  • Attach Files – how to set up the service and what your options are.
  • Attach Files – how to attach files to customers, vendors, checks, and deposits.
    • We also discuss some interesting applications (ie ways this can be very useful)
  • Items and names – this is a new feature that makes it very easy to add customers, vendors, and items (service, inventory parts, and non-inventory parts), by simple copying and pasting from excel.
  • Customizing Invoice Forms – this has some nice new features and we show you how to use them.
  • Report Center – this is very much improved and we show you the different areas and features which can be used to make this are of QuickBooks a very important and useful tool for you.
  • App Center – we take a look at where you can go to purchase add-ons to make quickbooks work even better for your business
  • Statement Writer and the various editions of QuickBooks Premier
  • We also go over some features which were new in 2009 and remain in the 2010 version
    • Currency Conversion
    • Online Banking
    • Making Journal Entries – Accts edition vs. others
    • Customizing the Icon Bar
  • Finally at the end we have a bonus section in which my guest, David Levinter explains how you can have your QuickBooks company file hosted on the web such that you can have remote access from anywhere (up until now you have had to use the limited function QuickBooks online edition in order to do this).

The video plays in your flash player – Test your Flash Player by watching this FREE tutorial:

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FREE Live QuickBooks Webinar at 10am Sunday Oct 25

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I will be installing and reviewing QuickBooks 2010 right in front of you. It has some pretty amazing features from what I am reading, so this should be pretty exciting.

Click here and go into the ‘Live Webinars’ Meeting room:

QuickBooks Real Estate – accounting for the return of a security deposit

August 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Last week’s web cast went over how to account for a security deposit received. This is a follow up to that web cast in which we go over how to account for the return of the security deposit, particularly where you have to withhold monies to cover for damages. We also discuss the issue of properly formatted financial statements. When you pay a company like ours to get it done “right”, you save money because you are able to get that line of credit at a better rate or become more profitable because of your ability to better analyze your business, what is working, and what isn’t.

We also discuss how we are able to work with companies to provide a much higher level of service compared with what you get with your average bookkeeper. If you want financial statements properly formatted so you can get financing with your bank, you want to make sure that you hire someone like us who knows more than just how to post a check or bill and what account it goes to. You want someone who understands QuickBooks and accounting together such that you get the best result in terms of financial statement presentation.

Please enjoy the video tutorial by clicking here: