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I started my company, Nerd Enterprises, Inc. in 2003. When I first started I was employed at a CPA firm in Santa Monica, CA. My only experience with QuickBooks up to that point was that while at Pace University getting my accounting degree I worked as an assistant controller for a small company in Katonah, NY using QuickBooks which at that time was the DOS version. We ran 5 company files there, 3 that were real active. During that time I brought in one of my fraternity brothers to help enter information. He was and to this day probably still is one of the smartest people I know. I trained him, told him to be careful about which company he was in and still I came in one day to find that he had entered all kinds of information in all of the wrong company files. I realized that it took more than just brains to run a business. It takes patience, careful planning and thought.

In 2003 when I started out I really had no current familiarity with QuickBooks. It had been at least 8 years. In the beginning I was focused on providing consulting in MS Excel. So I posted ads on Craigslist with the title “MS Excel Guru”. Those first ads lead me to my first client who eventually became my first “QuickBooks” consulting client. I was using an application I had developed in MS Excel to keep track of my own accounting and it was working really well until I had my first dispute with a client over what invoices had been paid and what hadn’t. I found a weakness in my application – there was no quick way to run an Accounts Receivable aging report. So I decided to go out and buy QuickBooks and start using it as well as learning it because I figured it would be a great source of income for me to go out and consult as well as instruct since it was and still is the #1 most used accounting software.

Of course I had to learn it myself first but that’s why my wife named my company Nerd Enterprises (the “inc.” came later) – because I could just go out and learn what I wanted to without reading any books or manuals. I’m good like that. I don’t believe it is because I am so special or even so smart – I am passionate. When I want something or want to do something I am completely taken inside to want to do whatever it takes. Of course I take this into my services every day and my clients really appreciate that.

So I learned QuickBooks and I learned it quickly. Then I started working with my first client and I learned a lot more in the process. I was fortunate – he was and still is a very bright guy so we worked together and learned how to accomplish what we wanted to accounting wise in terms of making sure that things were reported correctly balanced with giving him the information he needed to track things and run his company properly. When I look back now it was fun – we would get into some heated debates late at night where I would assure him something was not right and we would dig in, find the problem and correct it. He is still a client today – I handle his books every week.

Today I have many people who lean on me for guidance in QuickBooks and that’s what this blog is all about. I hope you get something out of it.

Seth David


Nerd Enterprises, Inc.


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