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28 Tweets about Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

If you’re watching our videos here or on YouTube or anywhere else then there is a good chance you have a small business.

If you are a small business we can help you grow. Nerd Enterprises, Inc. is still a “small business” – so we know the struggles you face.

If you have 500 or fewer employees then you are a small business.

If you are a small business then you probably are or should be using QuickBooks

I’ve been there. I started this business from nothing back in 2003 because I was frustrated working for someone else.

I was tired of the condescending bosses that offered venom instead of help and training.

I was making $40,000/year which in Los Angeles is barely surviving.

I taught myself a little bit of web design. You would laugh now if you saw the original site. Some of you have.

Then I started posting ads on Craigslist. Craigslist worked and the clients started coming in.

All we had to do was get the first client. That one lead to the next and so on.

I realized there were a lot of people who knew their business but really needed help with their accounting.

I also realized that there were a lot of bookkeepers out there quite frankly making a mess of things.

I started going in to clean up those messes. I found that I really like to organize things for people.

The expression of gratitude on people’s faces when I help them is worth more than what I charge!

Then I realized I could only take on so much on my own, so I started hiring bookkeepers. They had to be passionate like me.

It was easy for me to find good bookkeepers because I understand what they need to understand. I know accounting and bookkeeping.

Accordingly we’ve been very successful at finding good bookkeepers for our clients, but we are NOT a recruiting firm.

In order to make our services available to anyone, anywhere, anytime I started the Learning Center http://bit.ly/Haee9

Then I started our QuickBooks Blog http://www.quickbooksnerd.com/ and our Excel Blog http://www.msexcelguru.com/

Before I knew it people were asking for one on one online training in QuickBooks and Excel.

The one-on-one online trainings have been most popular. People really love the fact that we can record the session and provide that FREE.

Our short videos are designed to help you learn some tips and tricks on how to use these programs more effectively.

The full length videos found in our learning center will take what you learn in the short videos 100 steps further.

Do you want to learn the secret to our training? [next tweet in one hour]

Our secret is that we do not simply show off our knowledge – that doesn’t help you. We explain things in a way that help you retain them.

Call (866) 945-8070 or visit us on the web. We can help you with your bookkeeping and accounting.

We can show you how to grow your business. It starts with understanding the numbers so you know where to grow your business.

Your accounting is an inventory of your resources. You have to know this to know what you have to spend and where you should spend it.

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