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Importing and Exporting Lists and Templates

Often times we find ourselves in the situation where we have a list or template in one QuickBooks Company File that we would love to be able to transfer to another QuickBooks Company file. The most common reason is someone has one company and they are starting another company in a related field, or they are closing one entity and starting another in the same business. Whatever the reason is you want to be able to use the same chart of accounts, the same invoice template(s), and maybe the same customers and vendors as well.

Happily you do have the ability in QuickBooks very easily in fact to export any/all lists and templates from one company file and then import them into another company file.

In QuickBooks 2010, you can easily copy and paste customers, vendors, and items from excel directly into your company file by using the Lists feature:

Figure 1 Add/Edit Multiple List Entries – click for a larger image in a new window

We do not go over this method in the video. If you play with it in QuickBooks it should be pretty straight forward. Feel free to post questions about it as a reply to this post.

In the video we show you how to export and then import lists and templates. They each work a little differently (lists vs. templates) in terms of how to do this.

Please enjoy the video web cast here:

Reply to this post with your questions about this web cast. For all other questions please see the post at the top (click the blog title).

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