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QuickBooks 2010 What’s New?

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In this class we go over the following the new features and we show you how to set up and use them:

  • The Company Snapshot – new features and function and why this is useful.
  • Attach Files – how to set up the service and what your options are.
  • Attach Files – how to attach files to customers, vendors, checks, and deposits.
    • We also discuss some interesting applications (ie ways this can be very useful)
  • Items and names – this is a new feature that makes it very easy to add customers, vendors, and items (service, inventory parts, and non-inventory parts), by simple copying and pasting from excel.
  • Customizing Invoice Forms – this has some nice new features and we show you how to use them.
  • Report Center – this is very much improved and we show you the different areas and features which can be used to make this are of QuickBooks a very important and useful tool for you.
  • App Center – we take a look at where you can go to purchase add-ons to make quickbooks work even better for your business
  • Statement Writer and the various editions of QuickBooks Premier
  • We also go over some features which were new in 2009 and remain in the 2010 version
    • Currency Conversion
    • Online Banking
    • Making Journal Entries – Accts edition vs. others
    • Customizing the Icon Bar
  • Finally at the end we have a bonus section in which my guest, David Levinter explains how you can have your QuickBooks company file hosted on the web such that you can have remote access from anywhere (up until now you have had to use the limited function QuickBooks online edition in order to do this).

The video plays in your flash player – Test your Flash Player by watching this FREE tutorial:


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