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Importing your inventory into QuickBooks

Watch the web cast here | http://nerdenterprises.acrobat.com/p63927933/

When you import an inventory item for the first time you can import the quantity, however you cannot import changes in quantity to an existing inventory item. For this there is the inventory adjustments module.

Figure 1 – this is how you adjust existing inventory item quantities

Importing your inventory listing into QuickBooks can be done easily when you understand how to set up the mapping from QuickBooks to Excel. Your inventory listing in excel has to be clean – no formatting, just columns with column headers and data. You cannot have sub-categories set up unless you already have all the parent categories set up in QuickBooks. So if you have an item that looks like this “Parts:754A” the item “Parts” must already be in the item list in QuickBooks before you do the import.

You also have to include the following columns at a minimum in your excel spreadsheet in order for the import to be effective:

Type | Item | Description | Income Account | COGS Account | Inventory Asset Account | Cost, Price | Quantity on hand.

You can have more than this, but these are required at a minimum in order for the import to work properly. There is a likelihood that you will get errors on the first try. QuickBooks will prompt you to save the error log. Usually it is something simple, so just look at the log and scroll to the errors column. Then all you have to do is fix the issues in your excel file and/or QuickBooks as you will see in this web cast. Once this is done, you just go back to QuickBooks and re-do the import. You do not have to re-do the mapping unless there was an additional column that needed to be included in the mapping. Assuming this is all set then simply repeat the steps and go right to the import. If you have successfully fixed the errors then your items will be imported. Then go to your item list and fix any hierarchy issues or make any changes needed directly there:

Figure 2 – go to your item list

Figure 3 – This is what the item list looks like


You can go in and edit any of these items by selecting the item, then click ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Edit Item’. If you want to import additional items or change to existing items you can do so by setting up a spreadsheet. It is recommended that you export your current listing as we did in the web cast to be sure that there is consistency with respect to existing items. Otherwise you may wind up with duplicate items. Also remember that QuickBooks will not import changes to the quantities of existing items.

Watch the web cast here | http://nerdenterprises.acrobat.com/p63927933/

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